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London Football Journeys (LFJ) is a UK charity that supports young people to become positive leaders through experiencing new places, people and skills…

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Each London Football Journey uses exciting, innovative group activities to encourage young Londoners to step out of their comfort zone and grow as positive leaders…

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We bust myths and build links between groups of young people living in different areas by delivering Film & Football Journeys all over London…

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"Community, to me, sounds like 'communicate'" - nicely said, Toure! 🎤 Now more than ever, we think it's important t… https://t.co/nVopOThaZI

13 Oct 2020

Cheeze! 🧀 During our peer portrait sesh at @school21_uk Terrell snapped this shot of Amina. She’s in her element! S… https://t.co/yYpMXaqtHl

18 Sep 2020