About us

London Football Journeys is a charity that brings young people from different parts of the city together to share new experiences, find common ground and overcome stereotypes.

We do this through the language of film and the love of football.

Whatever area your youth group is from, we:

Make London accessible to young people

Many young Londoners rarely venture out of their immediate neighbourhoods, and often have fearful or negative attitudes towards other areas. LFJ opens up the city for them through rewarding, interactive workshops and football exchanges all over London. By building effective communication skills and broadening personal and academic horizons, LFJ empowers London’s young people.

Break down prejudices

By travelling to other postcodes, we help to bust myths between groups of people living in different parts of London. By visiting different communities, young people increase their understanding of the diverse nationalities living in the city.

Boost confidence and learning

We work with young people to produce and direct their own short films about where they live and who they are. They learn new skills in an interactive way and gain a proud achievement. They then become LFJ Ambassadors, co-producing subsequent journeys and planning and delivering introductory sessions through accredited modules.

I learnt how to get on well with people and good leadership skills. LFJ encourages people to do something new, meet new people and be confident in new places.

LFJ young person from Harrow