The journey


Each London Football Journey (LFJ) has 5 steps designed to encourage connection, playing and learning among young Londoners.

Through each journey, we aim to foster positivity, fun and leadership.We hope to inspire young Londoners to understand that despite our differences, we can all work together, understand one other and help each other out.

Step 1 : Spreading the word

Young LFJ Ambassadors who have already completed a London Football Journey introduce the film and football activities to a new youth group, school or football team.

“The session built my self esteem because you become less shy and you can express yourself better. I learnt how to communicate and talk with others and express my feelings and emotions”

LFJ young person from Harrow


Step 2 : Shooting from the hip

Each team is taught how to produce a short video that introduces their lives, the area they live in and their love of football. They learn how to script, storyboard, direct, interview and shoot.

“It boosted my confidence and self-esteem in terms of talking bravely to the camera so other people can see what i have to say.”

LFJ young person from Hackney


Step 3 : First contact

Prior to playing against each other, the teams watch each others’ videos to get an idea of the different personalities, their areas and their lifestyles. After each screening, we foster discussions among the players about the other team, their expectations of the exchange and their forthcoming journey to a different part of London.

“It is important because we need to know how they look and their area so it’s easier to get to know them”

LFJ young person from Camden


Step 4 : The games begin

‘Home’ and ‘away’ football exchanges take place in each team’s postcode with professional football clubs facilitating each session. Activities include teambuilding and communication games, mixed football matches, a tour of the youth club or school, sharing food and youth-led awards.

“I learnt how to get on well with people and good leadership (skills). My perception of their area changed, it (LFJ) encourages people to do something new, meet new people and be confident in new places.”

LFJ young person from Harrow


Step 5 : Joining the team

Keen participants become Ambassadors and go on to co-produce LFJ activities and introduce the project to new youth groups through nationally recognised qualifications such as Open College Network (OCN). They also get the chance to continue to shape LFJ’s future through participating on the LFJ Youth Council.