Hackney Laces

Hackney Laces was set up in 2011 as a place for girls and women to come and play football because there just weren’t enough opportunities for females to play. After running a pilot project Laces realised that football can be an incredibly powerful tool for empowering and raising the aspirations of their players. In addition to football training, they also run an ‘off the pitch’ programme, designed to inspire and support their girls beyond football. From job applications and training opportunities to work experience placements and mentoring, the Laces community supports over 200 girls in East London.

All photos by @probablyedith. Video creation in collaboration with @our_sisterhood.


"It's important to meet people that live in other places because then you can have a more diverse community"

Participant, Hackney Laces

"To me a community is a group of people, not just any type of people, people that appreciate each other for who they really are"

Participant, Hackney Laces

"Football makes me feel confident because it helped me overcome all the challenges I had in the past like bullying. No matter the colour or religion, we're all as one. It's like having two families"

Participant, Hackney Laces