I experienced and understand how we as a human race can really work well together. Even if we may not like a person, working with them may help them a lot.

I am helping to make peace among young people in different areas. This is a skill to sell. I hope that employers like it.

LFJ is a proven model, building connections between diverse communities and supporting young people to develop leadership skills. In 2019-20, 144 young people directly took part in LFJ activities. Through collecting baseline data and feedback from young people, youth practitioners and teachers, we found:


By the end of LFJ’s intervention, young people address and overcome negative stereotypes and are open to interacting with people from different backgrounds and communities.

What young people said:

LFJ has changed my life. I can justify myself. I am more confident now. I am noticed by my school and my family.

“I’ve learned you should never judge an area by its reputation because people inside the area are completely different.”

Young person from Streatham

“I’ve realised that London is actually bigger by meeting new people and experiencing different areas. LFJ expands your mind instead of sticking to one area or school. It’s a whole new world. Many young people are stuck to one culture – gang culture. Meeting new people and going to new places shows more opportunities what I could do in life except for being in a gang. I’m more open minded to what life could be like.”

Young person from Westminster

“LFJ is needed for everyone not just young people. If everyone has the self-discipline and mentality not as a hood and be friendly, then the road would be a better place and there wouldn’t be as many robberies and killings and people would feel safe…”

Young person from Southwark

“LFJ is something that’s kept me off the street and motivated me to do good at school so I can take part in it. If I don’t get in trouble then I can keep on track. I think I can get ideas of what I can do with other people.”

Young person from Hackney

“Here it’s all Asians and there are other people out there. We don’t play with other people only with Asians. It’s (LFJ) about gaining knowledge of another team and coming to another area – learning about other areas and gaining knowledge of others.”

Young person from Tower Hamlets

What youth workers and parents said:

“At LFJ young people are given the opportunity to learn and improve skills such as networking, socialising, problem solving and also exploring different parts of London, something young people do not do due to postcode gangs.”

Jalal Mahmoud, Youth Coach at Ariana Football Academy

“LFJ is an essential youth engagement organisation which is beneficial to all youths from various backgrounds. They allow young people from different postal codes to come together, build relationship and engage in numerous activities. This is an effective way of breaking down barriers and divides within different areas in London.”

Richard Amponsah, Community Coach at Millwall Community Scheme

“I truly do feel privileged to be able to work with LFJ. Breaking down postcode barriers is something that is needed in society today. The concept of taking two different youth clubs and letting them experience hosting as well as travelling to an unfamiliar environment is not only smart but it is the easiest way of helping to tackle these barriers.”

George Henry, Community Coach at Crystal Palace FC Foundation